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Swapping the Trade Brochure for the NEW website

As we consider our impact on the environment and our responsibilities as a business, we’ve decided that we’re no longer going to be producing a Trade Brochure – the less brochures we print means less paper used!

Our fantastic NEW website has been specifically designed to make finding, searching, viewing, and comparing products quicker and easier, so you can do everything you need to online.

There’s also more ways than ever to showcase and share products with your customers, and you’ll always be up to date with the latest product and pricing information.

Plus, we’ve got our Marketing Studio tool where you can make any number of sector specific and bespoke digital brochures with your own branding and details. Explore the Marketing Studio today. 

Order-to-despatch leadtimes

We're here to support your business and we're despatching online orders placed over the weekend.

Please see the table below for our latest order-to-despatch times.

Order Placed Despatch Latest
Monday Tuesday
Tuesday Wednesday
Wednesday  Thursday
Thursday Friday
Friday Sunday
Saturday Monday
Sunday  Monday

Please note that despatch times may vary for Bank Holidays.

Duty charges for EU & ROI orders

In what is an ever-evolving process, and to simplify and further minimise the impact on you, we’ve made a change to how we’ll be charging you duty on relevant orders going to EU/ROI (UK orders are unaffected).  

PenCarrie will subsidise the applicable duty charges at 50% of the actual duty rate.

The duty rates for all applicable styles can be found on the 2021 Price Lists online. You’ll see a tab ‘duty rates’ which shows both the actual duty rate and the subsidised duty rate that PenCarrie will charge where relevant. Details of the duty rates, including commodity codes, can be found here.

Customs and duty clearance charges, currently £4.50 per order, will be charged to you in full as previously advised.

These charges will be added to your invoice as a single entry (in time, this will also be accompanied by an itemised schedule with the breakdown of duty).

Important note re: brochures, swatch cards and other ‘free’ items.

Please note that if you’re adding any items like trade brochures, swatch cards or other items that are ‘free’ to you, these will be considered part of the value of your order for customs purposes. Although these aren’t charged to you on your invoice, due to the export data required to enable us to send them to you, they must be assigned a value and therefore added to the total value of that order for customs purposes. This means that you may want to consider adding them at a different time if they would take the value of your order over the duty threshold (currently £135). Unfortunately, due to customs requirements this is unavoidable, but, to enable you to plan, you can find a list of these items here with the charges shown in column H.  

Thank you for your support as we continue to navigate our way through this new way of doing business post-Brexit, and please don’t hesitate to contact our helpful Customer Service team on 0800 252248 or by emailing if you have any questions.