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Get products in front of your customers

Published: 5th October 2023

1. Showcase products your way

Want the flexibility to show the products that you want? Full Collection Pro allows you to create a catalogue-website that delivers to your business needs.
Add your branding and share as it is, or customise to create your own unique offering:

  • Choose product information
  • Select categories
  • Decide which brands to show
  • Choose product types

Bring your product range to life and offer your customers the ultimate browsing experience - with enquiries coming direct to you!


2. Share the full product offering is your express route to getting online! If you want to showcase the full product range without your branding but still want to offer your customers the ultimate B2C browsing experience, then is the quick and simple solution.


3. Create tailored brochures from scratch 

Our Marketing Studio allows you to create a customised mini digital brochure to share with your customers quickly and easily. Whether it’s a response to a quote request, a ‘good, better, best’ package or just a range of styles you want to promote, use our handy step-by-step guide to help you get the most out of Marketing Studio.


4. Develop your own website with data options 

So, you’ve designed the perfect website and now you need to add your product range? Our data offering allows you to showcase any or all* of the styles we offer on your own website or a Shopify site. With multiple formats available to instantly download, you can get started with our data today. There’s even a way to set up a live feed of the information (API) so everything updates automatically if any product information is added or changes. 

Data can be a scary word, but our ‘De-mystifying data’ article will give you a basic understanding of what’s available and what might work so you can get products in front of your customers. Go directly to Product Data Options or click below to learn more.


5. Share customisable brochures for curated collections 

Looking for a quick, but effective way to get products in front of customers? Our customisable brochures are the answer and the range just got bigger! There’s now more choice of digital brochures, based on popular collections, popular request and by key categories, that you can add your branding, contact details to and even edit the styles, to then share instantly.

Follow our step-by-step guide and start sharing today. 


6. Showcase something new

New styles are always popular, who doesn’t love something new? We’re creating a digital brochure packed full of all our new styles for 2024 that makes the perfect excuse to email your customers at the start of the new year.
For those customers who you think are patient enough, there will be a printed version of the What’s New guide available to pre-order today*.

 *Available for despatch from 2nd January.