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Published: 25th August 2023

We know that responsible sourcing, ethical practices, and being environmentally conscious is increasingly important to you and your customers, just like it is to us. With over 65% of customers now paying attention to the impacts of their clothing, share the styles and associated accreditations to help maximise your sales.  

What is an Accreditation?

In simple terms, an accreditation is a form of proof or documentation that showcases a specific achievement in a particular area. From SEDEX, to Better Cotton, Fair Wear and more, we’ve captured all the accreditations for each brand, right down to the style level, and collated them into an easy-to-use unbranded document, ready to share with your customers.

To help make things easier and to give you knowledge on the variety of accreditiations, head over to our Supplier Brand Accreditiations page, here you'll find explainations of all of the accreditiations that our brands hold.

How can I use these?

We’ve made it simple for you and your customers to be part of the movement towards more responsible clothing choices. Here’s how you can easily use this information:

  • Supplier Brand Accreditations – Download our dedicated Supplier Brand Accreditations 'quick reference guide', where you'll find all our brand's accreditations in a convenient, unbranded document. Share the list with your customer and empower confidence in decsion making
  • NEW Accreditations filters – Seamlessly browse using our NEW ‘Accreditations’ filters. Understand what's important to your customer, match this to one or more accreditations and share instantly with our handy 'Share' feature
  • Sustainable & Organic collection - Perhaps material is important to your customers, take advantage of our pre-made collection or use the handy side filters on the left of every category, collection and brand page 
  • Full Collection Pro – If your customer knows what accreditations they're looking for empower them to shop with the same easy-to-use filters on Full Collection Pro. For an easy browsing experience create your Full Collection Pro catalogue-website today

Get started today, head over to our Supplier Brand Accreditations page, find out more about the different accreditations and download our ‘quick reference guide’ - let’s make business better, together.



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