Marketing Marketing

  • We have a wide range of marketing materials designed to help you grow your business. These include Digital Brochures, Product and Brand Images and further inspirational collateral. Head on over to our Marketing Centre to learn more!

  • Most of our marketing materials are free for customers to use. Please head to the Marketing Centre for more information.

  • Please head to our Marketing Centre, you'll find everything you need there.

  • The resolution of the images available in our Marketing Centre is suitable for online, digital marketing and standard print.*

    If you need images for large format printing, please contact us at [email protected]

    *The DPI of images can vary. Please check with your printer for further advice.

  • Yes, please.

  • Yes, you can. If you need any help, just give our Marketing team a call on 01884 211978.

  • Please email our Marketing team at [email protected].

  • Not at the moment, but we're looking into it. In the meantime, the best way is to select each folder, one at a time.

  • Yes, just head over to our Marketing Centre to explore what Point of Sale items are available. You can also contact your Business Development Team member and they’ll help you with what you need.

  • Please get in touch with your Business Development Team contact who will discuss your needs with you.

  • Head to Resources > Website Options > Product Data Options to view our full product data options to allow your website to access our latest catalogue data.

  • Not anymore! No password or form is required to instantly download our Enhanced Product Data or Shopify-ready data.

    A form is still required to download our Legacy Product Data, however this option will soon be retired as it has been replaced by our Enhanced & Product Stock Data or Shopify Product & Stock Data.

  • Yes, you'll probably need some technical help with the data. Please refer to the support sections on each data page for more information. 

  • Yes, the files are updated every 24 hours and will include any new and changed products as well as omitting any products that are no longer available from PenCarrie where applicable.

  • Yes, the data does include prices and will be updated at the same time as the rest of the data.