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Latest website updates

Downloadable backorder report

Updated: 12th April 2022

To help you manage your backorders more easily you can now download an Excel report showing a full list of your backorders. You can find this in Order Centre > Backorders, and then click ‘Download as Excel’.

We’re currently working on several other changes to the backorders tab to allow you to see your backorder information more clearly. We’ll update you on these when they’re available. 

New data options make it easy to display our products on your website

Updated: 23rd March 2022

Showing our products on your website is now simple with our new Enhanced Product & Stock Data and Shopify Product & Stock Data.

Enhanced Product & Stock Data

With our Enhanced Product & Stock Data, you can display rich product and stock information on your website. This data can be used on e-commerce platforms such as Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Squarespace and Wix, but some manual work will be required to ensure the data is formatted for your chosen e-commerce platform and suits your individual shop’s product and category requirements*.

The Enhanced Product & Stock Data includes highly requested features such as: detailed colour information including CMYK and pantone values, material compositions and weights, commodity codes, country of origin, categories, product availability and promotions.

Shopify Product & Stock Data

Building a Shopify site? We have data for that! Our Shopify Product & Stock Data is ready to download and import into your Shopify store.

Access the data options today

No password or sign-up process is required – instantly download our data packs and add our product information to your website today.

You can also access Enhanced Product & Stock Data via our API (subject to reasonable use) so you can stay in sync with PenCarrie product updates.

Both Enhanced and Shopify data files are updated every 24 hours, and provide improved product imagery, including model shots and images for each colourway.

Find out more and get started here. 

*Please visit your e-commerce platform’s support centre for further technical guidance.  

Managing your Current Orders is now easier

Updated: 16th December 2021

 Your ‘Sort by’ selection in Current Orders now stays throughout your browser session (up to two hours). 

If you choose to sort your orders using the ‘Sort by’ drop-down menu in Current Orders, your selection will now stay throughout your browser session.

This means that when you navigate away from this page, your selection will stay for when you navigate back.

Add products to a single open order with just one click

Updated: 2nd December 2021

You can now add a product to a single open order with just one click. 

If you only ever have one order open at a time and you don't need to add a line reference or want to keep the same line reference, select 'Don't ask me again for this order'. Any future products will be added to this order with just one click. 

Here's where you find the 'Don't ask me again for this order' button. 

How we've made it easier...

When you only have one open order your product will now automatically be added to it. You'll no longer need to select the order for it to be added. If you wish to open a new order simply click the 'Add to new order button'. 

If you only have one order open, the 'Don't ask me again for this order' feature allows you to add products with just one click provided you don't need to add a line reference or want to keep the same line reference.   

If you have any questions about these improvements, please email us or call 0800 252248 and we’ll be happy to help.

It's now easier to open an order from a product page

Updated: 2nd December 2021

Opening an order from a product page is now easier.

Simply click 'Order' and then 'Create order' to add the product.

If you already have an order open, just click the 'Add to new order' button, give your order a reference and click 'Create order'. 

How we've made it easier...

We've removed the 'Add to new order' option when you have no open orders. This now appears below the 'Order' button when you have one or more open orders. 

You can now add a line reference as well as an order reference when you create an order from a product page. If you want to keep the same line reference or not use a line reference throughout the order, simply select 'Don't ask me again for this order'.

If you have any questions about these improvements, please email us or call 0800 252248 and we’ll be happy to help.

Your feedback makes a difference

We’re always listening to your feedback and looking at how we can make changes and improvements to the website, to make doing business easier for you. 

If you'd like to provide any feedback please use the yellow feedback tab on the left hand edge of the screen. 

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