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By clicking the above link you'll be directed to www.supacolour.co.uk where you'll need to open an account to be able to place orders directly with Supacolour.

When you are on the Supacolour site, to open an account, just follow these steps:

1. Click 'Get Started'

2. Complete the form

3. Click 'Preview Submission'

4. Click 'Sign Me Up'

The world's best transfers delivered fast. Supacolour is the answer to branding today's complex logos on today's technical garments.

Supacolour can print millions of colours to reproduce any logo no matter how complex. There really are no limitations.

Get in touch with Supacolour today to open an account and start placing orders! The pricing model is deliberately simple making this easy to understand and simple for you to quote your customers. The future of heat transfer printing is here.

With five different transfers to choose from your design will arrive ready to press with no cutting or weeding needed! See below for more information on Supacolours products.